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Loans & Donations

You should read these notes before making a loan or donation


Gift Aid: To allow us to increase the value of donations by 28p for every 1 donated (25p tax plus 3p from the Government) please select the Gift Aid option. Note that:

a) you must pay at least as much UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year as the amount we will reclaim on your donation.
b) higher rate taxpayers can claim additional tax relief on Gift Aid donations - 25p for every 1 donated. You will need to claim this additional relief yourself when doing your tax return.

Please just click the Paypal link below to pay securely. You can use a Paypal account or pay by debit / credit card if you are not a Paypal member.

To make a Gift Aid donation
click the 'Donate' button

To make a donation with
no Gift Aid click here


  • Community ventures such as this often do not go 'according to plan' particularly in the early years and are not a form of investment, but rely on community goodwill and support. We therefore cannot guarantee payment dates for loan repayment or interest, although we hope to pay interest annually. Please do not loan funds if you anticipate possibly needing to use this money yourself within the next few years, as we cannot confirm a likely repayment date yet.
  • The first 200 of all loans will not attract interest, but will be considered for earlier repayment than interest-bearing loans (i.e. any loan excess over 200).
  • Any part of a loan which is over 200 will earn interest at 2% above UK base rate, starting at the date of community asset acquisition i.e. purchase of the garage site or when received, if later.
  • Interest payments (including any arrears due) and all repayments of loans will be made at future dates when the directors of the Trossachs Area Community Transport at that time consider that such sums can be paid without unacceptable financial risk to the charity.

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