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Below are comments found on the web about Loch Arklet scenery and ones submitted to us via our petition or contact page.

Stunning" is perhaps not sufficiently descriptive of this wonderful view which opened up across Loch Arklet towards the Arrochar Alps, with autumn making its presence felt in a quite glorious colour display. No tourist buses can make it to the western end of the Trossachs at Stronachlachar - the single track road simply could not cope. That means that many thousands of visitors miss out on one of the area's most magnificent panoramas, as this breathtaking part of Scotland reaches its western extremity on the banks of Loch Lomond at Inversnaid. The view which - quite suddenly - opens up as you round a corner out of birch woods then breast a hill and reach open moorland is as astonishing as it is unexpected. It is wild, rugged, exposed to fierce westerlies which stream over the mountains and down Loch Arklet but, in autumn, is not bettered anywhere for magnificence of colour. The backdrop of the "Arrochar Alps", as they are popularly known - from left to right in this picture Ben Arthur ("The Cobbler"), Beinn Narnain, Ben Ime and Ben Vane - makes the whole scene a photographer or artist's dream. With an early cold snap and a covering of snow on the distant mountains, it was simply a composition that no-one in his wildest dreams could have planned.
Photographer Donald Ford

I have been running photography courses for years via the Inversnaid Photography Centre. Views such as these encourage photographers from all over the UK and abroad to visit this beautiful area. The action which is proposed would destroy the natural vistas.

Only decent view left not ruined by Forestry. Visitors to the area are always stunned by the view as you round the corner at Scinure. For once, listen to the locals!

Please do not spoil the beauty of Scotland. These views are some of the best in the world and many tourists come to Scotland just for these vistas. As an Scot now living out of the country there is nothing to beat these superb vistas.

It's a stunning view, unique! Leave it alone! Enough trees in the rest of the area

I lived in the Trossachs National Park (Inversnaid) for several years and fell head over heals in love with the area. The scenery is absolutely breath taking and is something that can not be taken for granted. Over the years I showed many of my friend pictures of the beautiful Loch Arklet and the surrounding scenery which resulted in them putting Scotland on their holiday destination wish list

As someone who discovered the beauties of Loch Arklet just this year, I am dismayed at these plans. Surely there are areas, already partly forested, that would benefit from your planting project without destroying this beautiful moorland!

I visit the Trossachs regularly for walking, climbing and to capture the stunning landscape on film, it really would be tragic to lose this view.

As a frequent visitor to the area for over ten years, I think it would not be in the best interests of the community if the this plan proceeds. I fail to see the need for such a scheme.

My wife and I have visited this area several time, and we would be saddened to see the splendid views lost. (Bring back the sheep.)

I was horrified to hear that one of the most iconic views of this part of Scotland is to be hidden by a blanket of tree's. I have often driven 10 hours to photograph this view. I can't understand why would anyone with any common sense would ever consider doing this?

Four years ago my wife and I were guests of the photographic school at Inversnaid, and we were able to photograph, and enjoy the views now in jeopardy. As a professional botanist I appreciate the need for trees, variety in vegetation, ecotones, etc., but aesthetics of vision are are of inestimable value. I hope moderation can be found. Thank you! Hollings T. Andrews

I spent one of the most meaningful and inspirational weeks of my life at a photography workshop exploring the hills and moorlands around Loch Arklet, and I hope to be able to come back again. Please do not destroy these views by planting trees here! This part of the world is unique and should be preserved as it is.

As an annual visitor for photographing the landscape in and around Inversnaid the planting will in time permanently destroy the classic view of the area all for the sake of a few hectares of woodland amounting to a flea bite of the land available elsewhere. The FCS seems intent on imposing its own aesthetic idea of landscape rather than growing timber without regard to those living and visiting the area.

Please do not spoil this fantastic view, I have been visiting this area for many years and there is nowhere else with such outstanding beauty

I consider this insensitive to say the least. Far too many fine views have been blocked by tree planting over the years. One of the defining characteristics of the Scottish landscape is its openness giving spectacular panoramas. Do not block one of the best in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs areas

I was brought up in Inversnaid most of my life with all my sisters and brothers, and would hate to see trees planted to take a way the beautiful view.

For me, this view represents my earliest experience of the Scottish Highlands, having moved to live at Inversnaid Lodge in 1991. I came to love the environs of Loch Arklet, an area that will always be for me, as I'm sure it is for many, quintessential Scotland.
Whilst reafforestation of native trees in upland areas is generally good, it most certainly would not be good here! This view is beautiful, unique and irreplaceable and, as such, should not be changed in any way.

leave this beautiful place alone. there are plenty of bare hills in Scotland which could do with some trees. nothing against the FC's desire to plant more areas. lets just be sensible about where.

Scotland is the custodian of 50% of the world moorland.
Please do not plant round Loch Arklet. Leave the iconic view alone.

I was born at Bruach, Glen Arklet and while I have sentimental connections to the district, I am also a forester and environmental scientist who has great respect for preservation of extremely valuable cultural landscapes with assets that far outweighs the narrower focus of a purely forest operation. Surely the famous ancient route through Glen Arklet ranks as one of Scotland's greatest cultural assets worthy of preservation.

Change for the sake of it is never advisable unless the objective is clear, understood by all, and a betterment of what presently exists. This proposal does not fufill these requirements. Sometimes the status quo is the best option. I, like many others, have enjoyed these views over many years and return there time after time to seek solace and wellbeing. Please do not deprive the silent majority of such pleasure.

The reputation of "The Forestry" has improved in recent years with more sympathetic planting after after decades of regimented trees ruining views and sky lines all over the Highlands.
Don't throw it all away, damaging the tourist-dependant local economy at the same time.

Please save the view, this particular location is currently a main feature for our visitors to the area. Think of tourism and pull for the local economy and the local residents. This is a view up there with the Glen Coe experience do not scunner it with more trees!!!!!

This is a unique and magical area which would be totally spoiled by tree planting.

Don't obliterate one of the finest landscape views left in Scotland. They are so precious and so rare, they must be protected from commercial 'developments' of any sort. Plant more trees in the ugly spots - we need the oxygen!

I came to Scotland in 1991 and have lived here ever since. For that first year I lived at Inversnaid and this view, for me, represented quintessential Scotland. I came to love the environs of Loch Arklet, so much so that I would spend much of my time-off from my duties as assistant photography tutor at Inversnaid Lodge exploring and photographing the landscape. The resulting body of work became a personal expression of my passion for the area and a touring exhibition of the photographs followed. The environs of Lock Arklet, for me, provided a the best possible introduction to highland terrains, it\'s natural history and the many moods of highland weather. In general I believe in the 'appropriate' reafforestation of Scotland as, over the centuries, the country has lost too much of it\'s native forests. However, this view and the moorland environment that defines it, must be protected as it is so very special just as it is. Target-obsessed bureaucrats, blind to what is so clearly beautiful and irreplaceable, must never be allowed to win the day!

This rare loch view in this area of Scotland and is inspirational when visiting the area. Given that there are a lot of forested areas close by and that alternatives have been suggested this campaign by the people who matter most, those that live there, is in the interests of us all

This is not an objection to planting trees - that is essential work - it is about being more prudent about where they are planted.

As a keen Scottish photographer living in England I am horrified that these iconic hills and mountains will be spoiled by the planting of trees. Yes we need to assist with global warming but not in this insensitive manner.

Between windfarms, pylons and rows of conifers, Scotland scenic heritage is being sold to the highest bidders.

I have visited Inversnaid periodically since 1988 and each time I approach Loch Arklet I am overwhelmed by the stunning scenery which changes with the light and the seasons. This vista should not be destroyed. It is a contribution to the quality of Scottish landscapes.

It would be nothing short of criminal to ruin these views by planting trees.

It would be a sacrilege to destroy the very features that make Scotland such an attractive place for visitors from all over the world. Revenue from such visitors is a key part of the economy which would be hard to replace.
Why emulate the disasters of the Amazon?

To destroy this wonderful area would be cruel, I was born in this area and my parents were brought up there as well. I return to the area every year as it is one of the most fantastic places to see in Scotland and it is steeped in history.

People feel very strongly about this planting, I hope that the views given here are listened to.

Far too beautiful to be buried under a forest. It's arguably the Trossachs finest view and would ruin exactly what many of the visitors come to see. Provide footpaths and cycle tracks if possible, but not more forest than is already in the area if you want to extend the tourism.

For over 20 years my wife and I have visited Inversnaid and seen the view of Loch Arklet in every weather condition from sun to snow. Each year our first sight of it elicits a feeling almost of returning home. The view cannot be allowed to be altered.

This is an amazing view enjoyed by our guests, our staff and myself. Whilst we are keen on re-aforestation there are plenty of other areas which don't enjoy such a spectacular view that could be used for forestry.

As former Headteacher of Kinlochard Primary School I am very familiar with the area and its outstanding beauty. Anything that can be done to preserve the present situation needs our support.

There are so many places in Scotland where insensitive tree planting obscures what would otherwise be a magnificent view. It would be sacrilege if this view were to become such a place.

Spent a beautiful few days in this area at the end of September and it was my first trip to Scotland. This area has made me fall in love with Scotland and will be returning very shortly.

We feel it imperative that the views of Loch Arklet are preserved and hope sincerely that this petition is successful.

We love the views near the Loch Arklet and the Garrison farm where my grandmother lived until recently.

We feel it imperative that the views of Loch Arklet are preserved and hope sincerely that this petition is successful.

it would be a shame to deface such a beautiful view when there are so few left.

I am really disappointed that this area is even being considered for "blanket forestry". Even with token mixed woodland edge covering the area, this shows the low level of commercial mentality to which the developers will stoop. This is a much-loved scenic area of national, if not international importance not only to locals but the many visitors to the Trossachs.

There are too many trees blocking what could be fantastic views as it is. Why plant more and obscure the great view of the Arklet!!!!!!

Any forestry changes will change the view and it won't be as picturesque as it is now. Please leave things as they are. Its natural beauty is the way it is meant to be.

Please do not spoil this wonderful view.

Please don't destroy some of the most spectacular scenery in the country!

My first encounter with Scotland and fell in love with the country right away, having visited the place many times over. Preserve it as it is!

Ploughing up the hills and planting trees around the Loch Arklet will totally ruin a truly wonderful landscape.

Friends and myself regularly cycle from Cobleland via Loch Ard and Loch Chon to Stronachlachar.
The highlight of the trip is the view over Loch Arklet when we stop for a (well deserved) rest at the top of the hill. Please leave the wonderful view as it is!

It astounds me that applications for anything from Jo Public take so long, but objections to things by Public Bodies have a warp factor speed limit applied for submitting objections! Thank goodness for Campaigners like yourselves who are quick off the starting blocks: Good luck.

A view is not a piece of geography alone - it is also food for the soul. For city dwellers and rural people alike appreciating beauty is part of what makes us human.

Any forestry changes will change the view and it won't be as picturesque as it is now. Please leave things as they are. Its natural beauty is the way it is meant to be.

Please don't destroy some of the most spectacular scenery in the country!

I have admired this view since my first visit in 1983. This open outlook is a real gem since most of the road is densely forested. Please preserve this vista!

The Lochs and mountains is what keeps us returning to Scotland. We also bird watch when we are there and would not like to see any change to the area. Areas like this are unique in the world and they are what makes the world a better place, you can keep cities and buildings, just give us the mountains and lochs. As we come from a dry state in a dry continent the lochs and mountains are a joy to visit, please keep them.

The Forestry Commission has little consideration for local community, taking sheep from the hill, loss of shepherds, poor road maintenance.

Forestry should not do anything to destroy what is currently a wonderful scenic area. Surely there are other areas that could be used which are not in this category.

The view of the landscape at Loch Arklet looking down towards the dam is one of the most inspirational scenes in the World. If the majestic and rugged hillsides are obscured by tree planting, this wonderful piece of landscape will be lost for generations, if not forever. Scotland has some of the greatest landscape scenery on this planet, and much of it is already under attack, such as the fad of building windfarms in the most inappropriate places. This pillage of the environment must stop.

Tell the Forestry Commission we do not need pit props any longer; we need all of our fast disappearing landscape. Stop them now. Once done it cannot be undone. A view is not just a view - it is life itself.

The devastation of northern European flora and fauna for commercial and institutional gain has gone on for too long.
GIVE THE BIODIVERSITY A CHANCE TO RECOVER. Please. Your children and mine are in need of it!

Loch Arklet looks fine to me just as it is. Instead of planting conifers all over this precious landscape, why not go and plant deciduous trees somewhere that needs them?

It would be a shame to lose such a beautiful view.

There are lots of good places for planting trees, this is not one of them

Having lived at Loch Katrine for almost thirty years, to lose the wonderful view down the full length of Loch Arklet would be a sin. The uninterrupted vista, taking in the distant Arrochar Alps, is never the same twice.

Having stayed in this area several times and enjoyed the view, I appreciate and sympathise with the local concern over the proposed changes to the scenery. It may have adverse effects on local businesses.

Please help preserve this iconic view for future generations to enjoy. The planned planting area to which this objection is being raised is only a tiny proportion of the total area proposed. Please use common sense, listen to the views of everyone signing this petition and preserve this most beautiful of views.

T'would be a great shame to change the stunning vistas that I have known and come to appreciate. Particularly as this affects the immediate lifestyle and enjoyment of dear friends that live there.

Why not tidy up some of the existing areas where trees have been felled? They are an eyesore! Before ruining more of Scotland's landscape for ever with new projects, I travel a fair bit in the west highlands and unless my knowledge is incorrect the proximity of each tree is such that nothing grows except trees .Do we want this in Loch Arklet, an area of such beauty?

Must be other places to plant trees in Scotland!!

This wonderful & captivating view should remain as it is.

There are not enough beautiful sights in the world - why take one more away?

This is a wonderful location which must be preserved in an unspoilt state.

Don't let them use the excuse that the area used to be forested! The "missing" trees have revealed a view to be treasured for generations to come.

I was born and brought up in Inversnaid and have always loved the area and the magnificent views. Coming from Aberfoyle the view when you first see Loch Arklet is quite something. I would be heartbroken if this area was planted

This is a view that I have enjoyed and photographed many times and it should not be destroyed in this way.

Don't mess with mother nature.

Save this view. Forestry will ruin it,

Pristine landscapes should remain pristine.

There are numerous other options for planting sites. Tourism is an important factor in the rural economy giving jobs and money to the area. Please do not spoil it all for a development that would give little gain to the community.

I grew up at loch arklet why would anyone want to spoil a beautiful place.

Loch Arklet views are stunning and so photogenic. The planting of forests would be a major act of vandalism. There are already too many areas of Scotland blighted by the mass planting of trees which ruin the visual landscape for those who live there and for those who can only visit on vacation. As a student at Inversnaid Photography Centre, and as a hiker in the Trossachs, I can attest that Loch Arklet provides one of the top 5 views in the area. Kill the forestation plan now. Philip Judd

I have visited the area many times and have friends living nearby and have always stopped to admire the views and also walked in the area

I have photographed the wonderful views of Loch Arklet when on workshops at Inversnaid Photographic Workshops. It would be a pity to change it.

The first time I visited the area I couldn't stop telling people how beautiful it was, I have visited many times since and I'm still amazed.

A glorious view which I try to take in at least a couple of time a year.

Please, please leave countryside for us all to enjoy - especially as beautiful as this. We need beauty in our lives as well as money - please do not forget that in pursuit of wealth and more profit.

Please help preserve this iconic view for future generations to enjoy. The planned planting area to which this objection is being raised is only a tiny proportion of the total area proposed. Please use common sense, listen to the views of everyone signing this petition and preserve this most beautiful of views.

Places like this (and the documents of it)remind us that life is wonderful and provide ongoing inspiration and the opportunity to reflect. It is important to keep them natural in all their wild beauty - for our benefit and that of the complex eco systems they sustain. There are other solutions for the provision of resources for human consumption - be smarter!

As a published ecologist, to replace this moorland with woodland would completely alter the habitat. This is contrary to the Sandford Principle, which must be upheld by the National Park. Since 1900, 84% of UK moorland has been lost, so what little is left must be conserved.

As a keen photographer I know this area very well, and have spent many hours photographing around the loch. The thought of tree planting wrecking this stunning area is truly appalling.

Don't let them use the excuse that the area used to be forested! The "missing" trees have revealed a view to be treasured for generations to come.

Keep the moorland views, skylarks and the beautiful heather. We have plenty of trees in the rest of the area.

I can't believe this classic landscape is under threat - cannot understand why planting the hillsides has even been considered.

Being a photographer, I am very much visually aware, and this is a beautiful spot in the world and must be retained as is.

Local people/communities must have greater influence over factors affecting their lives, if we are to effectively address the negativity infecting our global society. In this context service agencies, exist solely to serve the democratic needs of communities: They are public servants not masters. The Forestry Commission have in recent years realised that people and communities are paramount. They should therefore take heed of the people of Strathard and assure the preserve this beautiful scenery.

I dont understand why this is even being considered, there are plenty of areas around scotland which are now bare due to logging, why not re-plant around these areas?
your spoiling views that bring tourism to the heart of scotland, surely your supposed to work WITH the local community, not oppose it?

It would be a great shame to lose the view of Loch Arklet. I will send this petition on to others in the area.

tree planting is a selfish use of land and disperses grouse and other traditional moorland birds

This area is special and should not be changed. If proof be needed it can be demonstrated by the dramatic improvements seen around Callander by the large scale felling of the trees planted after the second world war. Do not let us make the same mistake again.

I cannot believe anyone would even contemplate obliterating such a beautiful view. Trees can be planted, I am sure, in many other less beautiful sites. When we do have such scenic places of beauty they should be preserved for all to enjoy; there are not many things that can be nowadays for free. Please think again. Thank you.

Special places such as Loch Arklet should be left alone as part of our magnificent natural heritage.

Whilst appreciating that sustainable forestry is essential, I fail to see why it is necessary to put it in such an area. Surely there are many other sites in the Highlands which are not of such stunning beauty and will not so dominate, or even obliterate, a view so valued by locals and visitors alike? After all, tourism is the lifeblood of the Highlands and we cannot afford to spoil historical views used in advertising our beautiful country.

I support this petition wholeheartedly

I strongly support the opposition to this proposal and hope the Forestry Commission will look again to see what they can do to ensure both they and those who enjoy this very special area can mutually benefit.

Please prove that public opinion IS taken into account in making your decisions by doing what this petition requests.

Much of this sort of country in the highlands has been effected by forestry or dams - we need to keep some of it to remind us what we are loosing.

One of the most fantastic views in the trossachs region please please leave this loch as it is

It is written "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favour than silver and gold." and no less so than of that man of honour, the 'Falcon of the People', Rob Roy MacGregor, whose good name has come under continued assault by anti-Highland literati, anciently and recently.
I think therefore that the least we can do is to preserve the native beauty of his ancient clan patrimony, Loch Arklet, in memory of this gentleman whose only fault was his loyalty. Paraig MacNeil

Fed up with big organisations + businesses railroading the ordinary folk. It's a beautiful view + should be left alone.

I drive 150 miles to wonder at this unique view. Sit in the car and play Pavarotti LOUD.
Watch the rainclouds settle over Inversnaid, and know that a warm welcome awaits there.
A truly magic place. PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY

Surely a view like this MUST be left untarnished for us and following generations to enjoy?? Do NOT tell me that there are NOt other suitable locations without such a fantastic visual amenity.

The whole point about this view is the total contrast it provides to everywhere else in our area: that is what makes it so breathtaking. Apart from that, the community was told that sheep would be re-introduced to the hills once the new filtration plant for Loch Katrine was built. Sheep need shepherds; shepherds with families bring pupils to the school. A healthy school keeps a viable community. Trees don't need workers in residence there to watch them grow! This is about much more than a view.

Hopefully the views of the local people and many others who appreciate the distinctive nature of this outstanding moorland landscape will be recognised by the Scottish Government and the statutory authorities. They are so intent on pushing through this plan, no matter what, to meet planting and financial targets, that they cannot see the view for the 'vision' of trees!

My wholehearted support for the campaign.

As a photographer, if it is at all possible, I believe it to be very important that we preserve all that is beautiful in the landscape. This particular landscape is an inspiration to many, uplifting lives in these challenging times, economically and ecologically.

Planting trees on the slopes will totally change the character and appearance of the area and ruin the views. It willalso make it very difficult for walkers to access the area.

As a photographer, these Views are one of the main reason for my visits.

Forestry Commission Scotland, The Scottish Government, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park,SNH. Please preserve views at Loch Arklet. Derek Fairclough.

Having visited Scotland several times, there are many views and vantage points that are simply breath taking. I would like to hope that these sights would be preserved for my family and others for many years to come. I would imagine that changing the habitat in this manner can only have a negative affect on existing local wildlife.

The trees can be planted in many others places that will not take away or affect the stunning views around Loch Arklet.

The view down Loch Arklet is one of the finest views in the world. THe character of the valley and its surroundings is unique. The Forestry Commission plans must not be allowed to despoil this jewel of Scotland.

This view must be one of the most beautiful in the National park and must be kept this way for future generations.

This is a fantastic area close on the doorstep of many people in central region and also very popular with tourists. there is already a lot of forestry in the area and indeed a lot of felling. I feel that ugly ground post felling should be used for replanting not changing this beautiful view.

No to trees!

I moved to Loch Arklet some three years ago. The countryside is simply an area of outstanding natural beauty. The rugged moorland and world class views cannot be surpassed and should not be destroyed by the current proposals. Regardless of comments made by FCS the view will change for the worse and whilst I have no objection to the planting of trees, the area surrounding Loch Arklet should remain as it is for future generations to enjoy and admire.

What a view. Please do not destroy it.

Please do not destroy the iconic view.

Keep coming back every year, breathtaking!

Stunning, please leave as it is.

Forestry has already blighted many scenic vistas in Scotland.
This is in the heart of Scotlands first national park and is one of its finest unspoilt views.
It would be a criminal act to obliterate it with yet more trees.
The real reason behind this I suspect is money and profit from timber.

Please do not destroy one of natures and Britains most beautiful places.

is there no other locations for the tress to go, id object to another wall of trees

Passed by it many times. Love the area

Seclusion, grandeur, yet accessibility to the public make it a very special place which people can to enjoy - one of the key aims of the National Park.

My wife's birthplace. Why change what has been perfect forever?

I live on Loch Long and have views of forests planted all around.
It is nice to see a long view without trees dominating the view.
There are sufficient forests around the national park to keep some areas free

This is a great area of natural beauty, the proposed forest would destroy the aspect and produce only a contrived scene. Please use the woodland elsewhere to mask some blighted horror not to obscure nature's glory, respect that which is beyond your capability to enhance.

The view of Loch Arklet revealed through swirling mists this past New Year's Day was just stunning. Please don't change the landscape!

Please just leave this beautiful view for all the future generations to photograph and enjoy

The proposed plantings at Loch Arklet should not proceed as they will spoil a beautiful place for locals and visitors.

I have visited this area three times in the last four years and the views never cease to amaze me. The planting of trees blocking the amazing view of Loch Arklet and the beauty of the area would be lost and taken from visitors and the local people of Scotland alike when there are other options available. I hope I'm not too late with my comments and wish the people of the area all the best for a positive outcome.

It would be an irreversible travesty to desecrate this view with planting. If it ain't broke - don't fix it!!!

This planting will not only impact on the local community but also on those who visit the area because of its wonderful scenery. The tourist industry is an important factor and should also be taken into consideration before a final decision is made.

Having spent many happy times in the Trossachs and staying at Inversnaid we would like the area left as we used to know it.

This is a truly beautiful area around the Loch and quite clearly the Forestry Commission for Scotland would be making a mistake planting out this stunning upper moorland. Any landscape management of this kind will always effect the ecolgical balance - why is this necessary?

As a keen walker who particularly enjoys this part of the Trossachs I would be greatly disappointed to see more trees especially conifers that obliterate the contours of the hillside. Also when trees are removed the scarring to the landscape is horrendous.

This is our natural heritage and must remain so. It should not be used to ease polluters' consciences. Planting trees in this scenic area is a form of visual pollution.

It is a magnificent view looking west along Loch Arklet towards Loch Lomond. Regular planting by the Forestry Commission would spoil this view.

Regular planting of a large conifer plantation would severely damage to view over Loch Arklet towards Inversnaid and Loch Lomond

please don't try to fix what is not broken!

Keep up the good work to save this view

Since I was a wee boy I have walked and enjoyed the Trossachs, including the Inversnaid/Katrine area. And now I take my grandchildren there. The Arklet and its environs have a unique Scottish beauty and to tamper with it in any way destroys our natural heritage, Let the world's polluters ease their conscience elsewhere, (The Amazon delta??). Good luck in your campaign.

It is still important, however, that people like you make as much noise as possible over issues like the Loch Arklet one; without your energy, Governments ( of all political colours) will just ride roughshod over us. I hope you still have the strength to keep rattling the cages of those people who seem to put their own self esteem and protection of their positions before the real and long term effects of flawed and often ill thought-out policies which they pursue so callously.

I think it is very important NOT to plant trees around this site. There are far too many areas of Scotland already under the dead weight of trees of this sort, i know as I am surrounded by them and this site should not be used. It is a beautiful area that is very important to the local economy. Plant them elsewhere!

Have the people proposing this factory-tree farm learned nothing from the Battle of the Flows - they are a disgrace to Scotland.

There is already too much forestation in the Trossachs, this is not needed and will only waste the stunning views in this area.

What happens to the Moorland species when the trees mature, we lose those, an Environmental Impact study needs to be produced.

Too beautiful a view to be spoiled.

Leave it alone!

This is a really important landscape which should be left as it is. It differs greatly from the managed woodland landscape that dominate much of the area of the national park especially surrounding the shores of the lochs and is extremely valuable for that reason. I sincerely hope that plans to disturb it are reconsidered. This is not only a landscape of local importance - given its position it should be regarded as being of national (if not international) importance.

Although I now live in SE England, I am originally from the Borders and therefore understand and appreciate views such as this at Loch Arklet. There are massive tracts of land that would benefit from forestry planting but surely everyone can see that Loch Arklet is not one of them.

Why spoil the beautiful scenery with trees. I am sure there are lots of other areas without such views that the FC could plant the trees on. We have little enough views as it is. Not only that, it may harm our tourism and that is all Scotland has nowadays to rely on - tourists!

So please leave our beautiful views alone. Go plant them elsewhere.

the trees will spoil the look of the place. i was born up at loch Katrine and to see the place become over grown with trees is heart braken.why can you not just leave the place alone and the natural beauty. first it was the sheep to go and they managed the land now its trees trees all that brings is midges midges. leave the place alone.

I grew up in this area. Loch Arklet views are one of the most beautiful in the area . . . . don't destroy it!!

I have travelled this road for many years on fishing trips and walking , the view down Loch Arklet is one of the finest in Scotland ,I will pass on this info to my friends who will support your campaign

I was in this area yesterday and found the view of Loch Arklet absolutely breathtaking. Such views are a rare wonder and should be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Having recently spent the day at Loch Arklet & the surrounding area I find it incomprehensible that anyone would consider altering this beautiful landscape by planting those ugly trees. Please reconsider this horrendous decision.

This is part of one of Scotland's only two national parks. Considerations of commercial strategic timber reserves should have no place in it.

Win or lose....still the Scottish Government wagers the windfall for Wind factories
or woos the windbreak of trees in the wind Blow of afforestation BUT neither policy nor funding favour Hill flocks....nor ANY grazing, as tourism follows Hill farming... cast to the wind.

Total vandalism, private greed hidden by public concern.

I've just produced a BBC documentary, Richard Wilson's Britain's Best Drives, one episode of which was filmed in the Trossachs and featured this fabulous view. It would be a real shame if viewers of our documentary couldn't go and see this stunning part of the world for themselves. Please avoid this area in your planting, or at least leave extensive view corridors.

This is one of the only remaining areas of unforested land in this area, it is an extremely beautiful location and gives pleasure to both locals and tourists.

Don't do it....simple.

Save the Loch Arklet View Campaign 2009

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