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Loch Arklet has been selected as a film and TV location on many occasions because of its special qualities and outstanding scenery.

Bill Oddie Goes Wild (2003) - when the videotape arrived we were delighted to see that the final scenes were filmed around Loch Arklet, with Bill praising 'a golden eagle in a golden setting'. A golden sunset at Loch Arklet was the stunning closing image of the programme.

Geordie (1955) - do you have a copy?

The famous
Miller Beer 'fox hat' advert was filmed at Loch Arklet, not Auchtermuchty! Watch it in on YouTube here or here

Billy Connolly's World Tour of Scotland (1995)
At last we've last managed to track down the recording of Billy Connolly and also a
YouTube clip - we knew it was out there somewhere so thanks to our supporters who helped with this. The content is amazing and shows just what we are trying to save. Great footage of the threatened lochsides including some from a helicopter, with Billy saying of Loch Arklet:

  • some of the most breathtaking places in the world
  • this has remained my favourite place, for many years
  • this is the same as it's been for centuries - people should be able to come and see this and enjoy themselves and breathe in this extraordinary clean air.

The closing scenes and credits at the end of the clip are set at Loch Arklet too, just like the Bill Oddie video - as we said, it's the best view in this part of the National Park....

Most recently in 2009 Loch Arklet featured in
Britain's Best Drives with Richard Wilson.

Save the Loch Arklet View Campaign 2009

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