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Planting at East Loch Arklet

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Permanent damage by FCS at East Loch Arklet - full reinstatement impossible

Despite assurances in writing that forestry operations in designated areas surrounding Loch Arklet would not go ahead before any decision, in an action that has angered many people, FCS provocatively started to dig up land to the east of Loch Arklet, and therefore has already scarred the land surrounding the loch. This area was not identified for planting at all on any released maps, but oddly for some reason was the first operation carried out when work on the larger
Loch Katrine sector was approved. We managed to get the digger halted after repeated complaints.

FCS finally admitted the error, apologised for the mistake and agreed to immediately reinstate the ground, but the damage has been done. Moorlands, once disturbed, cannot fully recover and valuable carbon sequestration environmental benefits are lost - see an explanation here. A report prepared for FCS in January 2009 confirms that 'there are highly sensitive landscape issues involving the site' and 'full re-instatement is not achievable'.

Local people have been uneasy with the accuracy of FCS maps and statements regarding the planting plans for some time, and are now doubtful of Forestry's ability to follow their own well-publicised documents for this ambitious Great Trossachs Forest scheme. FCS (which in fact itself decides on planting consents) will now be making the decision on planting in the Loch Arklet area after all the errors in mapping and cultivation have been resolved.

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